The Humans

We are Emma & Tony Drew, and we are owned by The Drew Cats.


My family fled South Africa, where I grew up, because someone tried to kill my Mum in our own home. We left with only out suitcases, and lost everything. What followed was 6 months of living in a homeless hostel, sometimes relying on food banks to get by. I vowed that I would never see myself in that situation again, and I haven’t!

Since then I went on to university and graduated into the recession, where I had to turn to online money making to get by. I started my blog as a way of showing my readers what works and what doesn’t, and it really took off! I handed in my notice to my full time job and left in November 2015, and started employing my husband a couple of months later.

I have grown my blog into a six-figure business, and I am passionate about sharing my hints and tips with my readers.


Hi, I’m Tony also known as Thrifty Husband. My wife and I live a thrifty lifestyle in order to help us enjoy the things we want to enjoy, such as holidays.

After coming up with plenty of ideas for my wife’s blog, which focuses more on making extra money, she told me to get out of her hair and start my own blog – so here I am! I enjoy saving money, making extra money and living a more comfortable life. Other than the thriftyness I also enjoy reading, movies, video games (sometimes a little too much) and I also collect models.

Like everyone I was always interested in a deal and saving or making extra money but this truly came into its own when I started going out with my now wife. She taught me so many extra ways that I would never have thought of before. This means we have enjoyed tons of holidays to Disney World as well as our dream wedding.