The Cats

We are the Drew cats and we love Dreamies – hence the name Drewmies.Com


Tabs (only Tabitha when she has been naughty) is 5.5 years old.

A tabby cat with white paws and a white bib, she can often be found outside looking at the birds or in her cat bed sleeping.

Her favourite flavour of Dreamies is ‘the purple one’.


Tabs’ sister/cousin is Alaska who is also 5.5 years old.

A white cat with tortoise shell markings, she is the most vocal of the Drew cats.

Love and cuddles are 100% on her terms.

She will be the one to let us know that the food bowl is empty with all of her miaows.

Her favourite flavour of Dreamies is ‘all of them’.


Treecko (named from our love of Pokemon and because he was found in a tree) is our little feral boy, who is a year and three quarters old.

He loves us sometimes, but mostly still runs away from us.

He hearts Tabs with all his love and stalks her around the house, much to her annoyance.

His favourite flavour of Dreamies is ‘the pink one’.