How to prepare for your new puppy

Preparing to bring your new puppy home but you don’t know where to start from? Sit back and relax as this article has got you covered. Preparing for your puppy requires that you put all the necessary equipment such as bowls, puppy crate, toys, collar, and blankets in place. It is important that your study and know how your puppy behaves.

Let’s get started by showing you how to prepare for your puppy.

Jumping Puppy

Create an area in your house just for the puppy

When you bring the puppy to your home, it is okay to keep him in a confined space or at most one or two rooms. Some of the great places at home to keep your puppy the first day are a laundry room, kitchen or den. This location is safe for him to explore while becoming familiar with your home. You should not allow your puppy to wander every part of the house yet because he could be confused and overwhelmed with different sounds from the house.

In addition, It is important that you keep track of him due to the fact that puppies love soiling an area especially in the event of an accident in the house.

Choose what your puppy will eat

It is very important that you choose the right food for your new puppy, to give them the best start in life.

Decide from kibble, wet food or raw feeding and choose the best food for your dog.

Make Your puppy’s area safe

It is essential that before bring in your puppy, you puppy-proof the area you intend to keep him. Puppy-proofing an area involves removing all form of a cable that the puppy can chew and removing all forms of ornaments. Also, all hazardous substances should be kept out of reach of your puppy.

Choose a crate for your puppy

One powerful method to train your puppy is crate training. Although this training is not mandatory, if you decide to crate train your puppy, then you need to choose a crate that the puppy can lie down and stand up with his legs extended. Ensure that you get a crate that comes with soft bed. Ultimately, get a wire crate so that he would have a sense of being secured since he’s been seeing the movement of people.

Purchase bedding to help your dog sleep comfortably

When purchasing the bedding, ensure it is the one that is machine washable. At least two sets of bedding should be purchased. Most importantly, the bedding should raise your puppy above the ground to avoid draughts on the floor.

 Buy equipment for potty training

Even though you will be taking him to a toilet outside, in case of emergency, it is ideal for you to provide your puppy with a place indoors to relieve himself. In this regard, puppy pads come to mind. They are the large, absorbent, and soft cloth that you can easily dispose of.