How to prepare for your new kitten

It is always an exciting time when you get a new kitten. Either you are bringing the kitten home from a pet shop or a rescue centre, or perhaps your cat will soon deliver a little one. Regardless, there is every need for you to prepare for the arrival of your kitten. When the kitten arrives, find time to bond with her.

Without further ado, let’s show you how to prepare for your kitten.

Relaxed Kitten

Make a list of all the essentials

The preparation process begins by drawing up a list of the important things your new kitten will require. The list can be organized into food, litter tray supplies, and toys. It is expected that the new kitten will play a lot; hence you need to provide her with lots of toys to play with. You do not necessarily have to spend so much to buy expensive toys for your kitten. For instance, a simple shoelace would make your new kitten have fun.

Before buying the kitten’s food, it is important that you speak with the centre where you intend to adopt the kitten, so as to avoid kitten’s frequent stomach upset. Also, the kitten would easily settle in your home since her food has not been changed. If you decide to change her food, do it gradually, mix both types of food and serve her. Then gradually, you alter the ratio

Additionally, provide the kitten with energy given food and then get a small tray that the kitten will easily access. Place the tray is a calm and visible place.

Make Your House Safe and Fun

When you are about bringing your kitten home, you need to be conscious of the fact that she would be overwhelmed and frightened. Start by putting the kinds of stuff she needs in her room. Stuff like food, toys, litter box, hiding place, and scratch posts would do the magic. Once you have observed that she is getting used to her room, leave her door open so that she can explore other parts of your house.

In addition, do not overwhelm the kitten. If your kids are around, let your kids be approachable by the kitten. This way the kitten would become familiar with every member of your family.

Ensure There Are no Potentially poisonous within reach

You need to make your house safe for your keep. Ensure that there is no dangerous plant around. Also, plants treated with pesticides should be out of your kitten’s sight. The following plants are considered poisonous when ingested by your kitten;

  • Lily of the valley, Lillies
  • Aloe Vera, Anemone, Asparagus Fern, and Amaryllis
  • Jade Plants, Daffodils
  • Cycads, Cyclamen