How To Introduce Your New Kitten To Your Older Cat

Cats are aware of their position in a social hierarchy and territorial by nature. Including a new fluffy kitten to the environment of your current cat can potentially evoke an adverse reaction. Attention given to the kitten can cause jealousy, being annoyed by the curious baby can lead to aggression and discomfort due to their idiosyncrasy about the cleanliness of their toilet area. You can increase the success of introducing the two and encourage bonding through advanced planning with the following helpful tips.

Kitten With Older Cat

Prepare Home Before Arrival

Before entering your home, consider taking a blanket or toy to the location where you will receive the kitten and rub in her scent. Back home, leave the item out allowing your current cat to become familiar with the smell. Once they meet, she will associate the familiar scent with something non-threatening.

Prepare a separate room for the kitten to stay in the first few of days at your house with necessary items such as toys, a bed and personal food and water bowls.

Allow Time To Learn The Other’s Scent

Place your current cat in a separate room with her favorite toys and items. Bring the kitten inside the house and begin the task of acclimating by showing her around before placing her in her own room. Now, let your original cat out of her room while remaining apart from the kitten. Allow her to smell the kitten’s scent on your hands while comforting her treats. This encourages the development of a positive reaction to the scent of the kitten. Over the next few days spread the kitten’s scent throughout your home by changing out their bedding and food bowls. While remaining separate, allow each one to inspect the territory of the other until they seem comfortable with the scents.

Face To Face Introduction

Mealtime is great for the first introduction because their focus on the food will be stronger than other distractions. It is common to experience hissing or growling as this is a normal part of setting their social status. Have a blanket handy to separate them if they begin to fight.

Encourage Bonding and Provide Equal Treatment

After their first meal is complete, keep them separated until the next meal. Over the next couple of days gradually increase the amount of time spent interacting together. Treatment and attention of the two should be given equally. The two will establish their rank in the pecking order on their own.

Following these tips should allow for an easy and productive introduction of your two felines. By slowly allowing them to become comfortable and accept the others place in the family, the two should establish a good relationship.