How To Choose Which Pet To Get

Pets can be an incredible addition to your life and home. It is important to remember they are also a long-term commitment and incredible responsibility. Every animal differs in the level of care and types of needs you’re required to meet. Here is how to choose which pet you should get, especially if you are looking for a family pet.

How To Choose Pet

Research Pets Of Interest

As with any important acquisition, it is wise to research your options to find the pet which best fits you and your lifestyle. The characteristics of particular breeds and species of animals differ greatly so it is best to know which one will match the pet relationship you desire. You will also need to determine the age of the pet you want and where you intend to find your new addition.

Young Pets Versus Mature Pets

A common error of new pet owners is the tendency to bring home tiny, adorable animals without considering the cost and commitment required to care for the creature. This explanation is high among people surrendering one of nearly eight million pets each year to animal shelters.

Young Pets

A young pet will require a good portion of your time and attention to be cared for and trained. Some animals will need to be housebroken and others will need to be fed often and crave continuous attention  with you playing the role of a surrogate mother. Some young pets need to visit a veterinarian often for vaccinations, check-ups or to be fixed and others make chew and scratch your belongings or even bite.

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Mature Pets

Adult pets usually have established personalities, so you may initially be able to tell if they will be a good match for you or not. Adult animals may be less likely to need training and can possibly interact better with small children than a younger pet would.

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Where To Get Your Pet

There are several ways to obtain a pet. You could rehouse a pet previously belonging to someone you know, purchase one from a pet store or breeder, rescue a stray or adopt from a shelter.

Animal Shelters

Each year, millions of animals that have not been adopted are euthanized due to the limited resources of shelters to support the increasing intake of new animals. Adopting an animal from a shelter is fairly inexpensive and guarantees you will take home a pet which is already fixed and fully vaccinated.


Purchasing a pet from a breeder can be rather costly but is a good option if you’re looking for a purebred animal. It is important to make sure you choose a reputable and experienced breeder which cared for and properly socialized the animal before making them available for purchase.

Pet Stores

Pet stores personally care for and sell animals directly from their location. This option allows you to see the environment in which an animal was raised before bringing them home. Some pet stores partner with local shelters, providing an adequate, qualified and temporary living location for animals eligible for adoption.